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  1. Hey Everyone, I'm new to this site but figured it wouldn't hurt to come here and ask for advice or suggestions. So my 200 started to have electrical problems. Dash lights started coming on and eventually gears wouldn't shift. I couldn't go past 15mph when driving it back to my parking lot. Alternator was recently changed about 3-4 years ago. Battery is still in good shape, but now it's to the point where the car wont even crank or turn over. It clicks when I try to start it. I've heard many suggestions that it's probably the starter but I have researched everywhere and can't seem to locate the starter. Anyone here have actual visual diagrams or pictures of how or where the starter is located? I've tried to locate it by following the positive cable of the battery but it has led me nowhere.. Feeling very clueless right now but I hope someone can help! Thanks everyone.
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