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  1. 2016 and up Yes, RAV4 is considered also but I do not find rav 4 around 25K mark
  2. thank you for your insight. The problem is, I am newbie with cars and have lack of knowledge with pros and cons of each SUV mentioned. Even reading all googled functionalities of these SUV, it keeps me confused on what to buy. My preference is car having good reliability, comfort in a long drive, a bit space and good cost around 25K USD. Hope to enlighten with your wisdom with these type of cars. Thanks
  3. Ooops. yes Jeep compass.
  4. Can I have your views since im planning to buy a SUV and there loads of stuff to choose from and im confused😭 List of my prospect: Ford escape Nissan rouge/murano Jeep compact Kia sportage Dodge journey or something that you may recomment.
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