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  1. No, it runs just fine besides the shifting
  2. I figured it out but it kinda confuses me more now, I'm low on transmission fluid, and what is in there isn't the best fluid it's getting real dark, but I just replaced the line so I wonder where it's going
  3. I daily drive a 1985 ElCamino and my transmission started having with a 305 , it has 3 gears cant remember the name of the transmission, issues shifting, but if it shifts right the first time it'll work for the rest of the ride, if it messes up it won't go into 3rd usually, but if u put it in park and back into drive it'll try to shift again, also it's really cold outside, and just started warming up, so I'm guessing that can be a massive factor, is my transmission done or do u think the colds making it crappy
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