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  1. Sure, you should think twice before paying someone for write your essay. Avoid downloading ready made essays or buying cheap writing services from someone you can't trust. Avoid submitting custom papers as they are - note that online services offer only creative samples and you should adapt them to your own needs and writing style. At the same time, there are some trusted services that deliver quality samples which can be used in emergency cases. Among those my friends and I used several times is https://12hoursessay.com/ This custom writing service promises confidentiality and they do keep to their words. It's not a panacea but in some situations when you have no other choice but to buy an essay, you'd better use a trustworthy service, like this one senior students have recommended me in my first year in college.
  2. I want to become fluent a Russian language. I started to learn it in the summer of 2015 after meeting a russian girl but I never did it with consistency. I took some pauses in between and it slowed down my progresses. Now I'd like to learn it also for professional reasons since it's very valued in various business settings but I don't know exactly how to proceed. What advice can you give me?
  3. I'm very interested the battery technology field, as I have worked with batteries for thirty years. and would like to advance my knowledge, as to ways to make a profit instead of always breaking even.
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