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  1. So I had a check engine light and replaced the part that was the issue and then cleared my codes. Failed smog since the codes were cleared and now I’m tryibg to go through a drive cycle. OBD 2 is good, and I’ve driven 122 miles since the codes were cleared. Drove 24 miles on the freeway yesterday and the O2 was good but I still needed Cat and Evap. Drove another 48 miles today going between 55-65 (pretty much a steady 60 though) and the Evap was good. Now the Cat is being an issue. Registration expired last month and I definitely need it registered by Monday so I need to pass smog (thanks california). Any idea how I can get the Cat taken care of? It’s a 1997 Subaru Legacy 2.2L I believe (I’m not entirely fluent in cars).
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