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  1. so about the Nissan's, in general, they have many issues with their automatic transmission (mostly made by JATCO) tend to fail roughly 60,000 - 100,000 miles some as low as 30,000 miles (though you might find one that is perfectly fine, but honestly I wouldn't risk it) Honda civic lx are reliable but have issues with passenger backseat space. Also, check to see how many times the car has had to get its oil changed (dates/miles between changes) some of them burn through oil a bit too quick. that usually happens in accords due to the car having a 4 cylinder hooked up to a turbo for power rather than making a 6 cylinder, so on and so forth. but better safe than sorry. lastly, It really depends on how tall your father is. I am 6 ft. and have a lot of trouble with cabin space. I personally felt like a giant in a clown car. anyway I hope this helped, good luck here a website that will show what problems each car has that is reoccurring https://www.carcomplaints.com/
  2. Hey, so I'm a college guy, 24 years old, 6 ft. tall and have a slipped disk in my back due to a car accident almost 2 yr ago. I need to commute to college almost every day that takes about an hour and some change back and forth. I am basically looking for a manual transmission vehicle with either good seats/lumbar support that is easy to work/learn on, so far I have boiled it down to a Honda Accord because I love the seats since I don't really fit too well in a civic si (haven't been able to try out the type r) a Subaru Outback 2010 or newer because of the redesign/seats/lumbar support and overall look. what are some of the issues I should look out for? Are there any other manual cars I should be looking into? I was also looking into a Kia Rio. I am not looking to drop jaws wherever I go I just need a car to basically get me from point A to point B. I also not a fan of technology for the most part. And lastly, it would be fantastic to find a car that can also house 4 people comfortably who are also roughly the same height as me. any suggestions?
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