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  1. Yeah that's what my .......was for. This is why we can't have nice things
  2. ...... crap, I completely forgot to get some pictures, I'll try and post some this weekend.
  3. I picked up the car today. They did a really good job on all of the paint and the dents. They did a good job fixing up the rust also. I'll try and get some pictures soon.
  4. Yeah, they're pretty busy and they only have a few kids who are skilled enough to work on customer's cars. I'm REALLY hoping I'll get it back by the end of this week, we'll see.
  5. Yeah I was just expecting the rust spots. I told them they can do whatever they want on the car though. Yeah looks like they repainted the entire back end, it sure does look really good. I'll have to ask what they're going to charge me again, but when I dropped it off they said around 350 for labor. They also stated multiple times that most of the price of the job would be the materials, so let's hope I'm not charged too much. As for being satisfied, heck yeah I am! Looks like a new car. I'll have to wait and see the other spots. Once I get the car back, I'll have to take before and after pictures of everything to show what they did. This definitely wouldn't be worth it at a normal shop, but for cheap, why not. Only thing that sucks is having to wait so long. I'm probably going to get it back the weekend of the 21st.
  6. Update: This is not related to the repair in question, but a different one. The car is almost done, and I've started to get some pictures of it. They've taken care of other cosmetic issues as well. They redid my back bumper and they sent me a few pictures yesterday. This is before https://drive.google.com/open?id=1z33YETX6iUFbVSGBN1Mh2yIltX0cLtyu https://drive.google.com/open?id=1q8LRU6-KlTdlUkeE_BZx0S2w2OThpGST This is now https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Yuk38M9Eeek58y1dGr1jAiHvaOXo4eWH https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MJIdGlsHi4kxnmzT4LqRwL-QANrn-7or Looks pretty good I must say!
  7. Hi there, When buying a used car, there is always a slight risk. If there is no warranty on the car, best thing you can do is give it a good inspection and a good test drive. It might be a good idea to have a mechanic come look at the car also. Make sure to inspect the body panels and undercarriage also.....you want to be wary of rust.... If you end up buying one from a dealer, try and get one with a warranty if you can. That way you can be sure if you have any problems they'll be covered. Good luck in your search.
  8. That thing is just......dear god. I don't like most suv and crossover things in general, but that Ferrair SUV is even worse in my opinion. Some companies just need to stick to cars, you just can't make a sporty SUV in my opinion. It does not work.
  9. As for the weather, it's currently quite nice right now. It reached like 50f today. We've got like 6-8 inches of snow on the ground. We need some rain to wash all the salt and junk of the road. As for welding, youtube has helped alot. It doesn't really seem SUPER difficult, just rather and the fact that you certainly won't want to screw up. Plus I'd need a welder and all that equipment, and also an enclosed space to work on the car.
  10. well...thank you so much Nate, that's mighty nice to hear!
  11. Would you mind taking a picture of the fin? Some sort of glue must be holding it on.
  12. Make it a sleeper. It'd be pretty funny.
  13. Hmm Cobalt Coupe maybe? As long as it's not an SS you'll be fine.
  14. I've got a Cobalt Coupe, I like it alot, maybe that would interest you. Perhaps also a Toyota Celica or a Toyota MR2 would interest you also. All of these cars would be fairly fun to drive if they're a 5 speed manual, I think they look decent, and they're not too hard or expensive to work on.
  15. In the meantime, I've been researching welding. If I'm going to become a car enthusiast, I want to learn how to weld in order to avoid any future problems like this. Buying a welder would be expensive, but if I can learn how to weld it'd be well worth it. Living here in CT, if you buy a used car 10+ years older, most cars you find are going to have varying amounts of rust on them unless you get lucky. Amount of salt they use on the roads in winter here is absurd.
  16. and besides the door, they're going to be welding the right rocker and the wheel well, so the only thing I'd have to worry at all about coming back is the door. They're going to take the door apart, sand it I'm guessing, and use rust converter. Hopefully that will eliminate it or last a good while.
  17. yes More expensive than I was hoping, but hey, I'd like to keep the car for a good amount of years, it's gotta be done. Also, they're repairing other things as well, like any paint scratches and dents.
  18. Paint and materials will be 534 exactly.
  19. Update: I dropped the car off Wednesday, labor will be around 330 US dollars. I'm going to call them on Monday if they don't get back to me by then with the price of materials.
  20. Thanks Nate, great to hear from you too! Soon, I shall.... I'm thinking of getting these to apply in the future. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Chevrolet-Cobalt-Pontiac-G5-Coupe-Double-Rally-Stripes-Decals-Choose-Color/152588449517?hash=item2386faf6ed:m:mbfuWahM8fOI7dcvBV2dwdQ:sc:USPSPriority!06278!US!-1:rk:31:pf:0&var=452008456976 As for you being ill, I'm glad you're feeling better. I got over some sickness recently too. Nothing major, just annoying. Anyways, take care, and you'll hear from me soon enough again. I'm guessing I'll drop the car off Wednesday.
  21. Update: I can't drop the car off today. Once I do, I'll post how long they expect it to take and the approximate price.
  22. As for walking......well I live about 35-40 minutes away from work and my school. I work right near the school, so if I'm working after school I will walk there or my mom will drive me and then I'll get picked up. Weekends I drive there.
  23. You're very welcome! Yeah, lots of changes in the plan, but it's for the better. I'll be using one of my parents cars to go to work sometimes, and the other times my mom can take me because our schedules sometimes line up and she works nearby me. As for school, I'll just have to take the bus all the time, no more rolling into the lot with the yellow beast anytime soon lol
  24. Another update: I brought the car to Ellis tech with my father. The shop teacher looked at it, and they can do all the work. They're going to cut and weld a patch into the read of the right rocker, and they'll also weld the right rear wheel well. For the door, he said he wouldn't bother with replacing it, he's going to sand it and try and treat the inside, if it comes back, then they can replace it. They're also going to take care of basically every cosmetic issue they can, dents and stuff like that. I'm dropping off the car on Monday. Once it is done, I will show before and after pictures. I'm guessing it will take a long time, probably a month, but it's well worth it. Hell yeah man
  25. Also, I called Ellis tech today, that's the tech school closest to mine that has an auto body shop. They have agreed to work on the car. I'm going to bring it down there next week and have them take a look. I'm thinking what's going to happen, after they have a look, I'll pick up the door with my friend, the school will order whatever they need for the work, and we'll be on our way
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