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  1. My little brother bought a 99 mustang gt for around 5k and thinks he's the king of the road. I'd like to buy a car for around the same price just to show him he isn't. I'm a mustang love myself but don't want to beat him with that. What's a good option? I was thinking about a Nissan 300zx or another small engine car because he thinks v8 is king. Looking at miata and mr2 just to rub it in. Or would beating him with a Chevy be the biggest slap in the face? I want to spend about the same amount to show that money wasn't the deciding factor. But I think it would be satisfying to beat him with a car that is not a v8 since he thinks he's unbeatable in it. To be honest I love mustang's but it'll be fun to beat him with something else. The only mod on his car is the exhaust.
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