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  1. There are several reasons to get car insurance. First it's mandatory, by US law to have car insurance in all 50 states. So that means you can get your car repossesed or your license suspended which means court fees and losing your license. So it's very worth to have insurance on your car. The cost in most cases you can get insurance that will provide accident forgiveness as well that prevents your policy from increasing in price which is in most cases worth it to just take care of it. Allstate provides true accident forgiveness. Give it a try. I'd recommend it from not having insurance or a policy that could potentiall increase do to no fault accidents.
  2. Thanks for this article I am learning more and more that car insurance is so good when you have people specifically take care of you policy, not just a machine. It's much better to go through a company that you can quickly call not some company that doesn't take care of your. Your car insurance agent needs to be personal to you. Thanks for this invitation to sumbit a quote!
  3. It depends on what company that you have but Allstate's auto insurance policy doesn't cover mold repair if it's due to wear in tear or overuse. however if there was an even like a flood in a Texas rain storm for example then absolutely there's coverage, however if it's just wear and tear, don't count on Allstate paying for this damage. Thanks for you do and for this comments.
  4. Insurance is required by law, if you don't have insurance on your car you can get your drivers license suspended which has fees going to court... if you have an accident you pay out of pocket costs to the other driver not to mention you will have to repair any damages you incurr on yourself not to mention lost wages and medical expenses. It's essential to have car insurance. I am an agent for Allstate and deal with people all the time and we do really cheap quotes for people in Utah. If you're in that area and need a quote I'd be happy to quote you.
  5. It's amazing how clean the window NEEDS to be throughout the whole process. 5 tips in this process. 1-make sure you have the top of the line equipment. (Llumar, 3M or Motorshield for example) 2- make sure to thoroughly clean and sharpen your windows as you're cleaning the window. this will allow all dust and debris and any extra corners that may be hidden from being cleaned. 3- Do this both on the window and on the window tint film, it will connect better with the window and create the seal better. 4- Use the correct tools when doing your tint. If you try to clean your window with the wrong stuff or if your trying to cut corners with the wrong equipment, for the sides of the window for example when sealing the window, it can cause the window to not be cut correctly or you may not be able to seal the window to the film correctly. This is important when performing your tint. 5- Lastly make sure you are learning from other tinters, you may think that you know what you're doing, when the best way is to learn from the best.
  6. Agreed, I window tinting is very useful for many reasons, protection from UV rays, Cracking windshields, glare and vision, privacy and style.
  7. This is literally one of my favorite that I've seen so far! Car High Pressure Cleaning Tool. This will surely get the job. Detailing is a definitely fun job but make sure that you are sure to use the best cleaning supplies. Thanks for you post. it was very interesting.
  8. Too bad take it to a repair shop, also for future prevention, you can always see how window tinting is done, it doesn't cost too much but most shops with get the tints that prevent from cracking when things like this occur.
  9. It looks more like a new Zephyr from Lincoln. Maybe not but these were good cars!
  10. If you've looked at your wheel alignment, checked the tires, brakes it could be two other things, one the axle is doing something called dog tracking. which means the axle from basic wear and tear isn't completely parallel with the other axle, and/or the middle stem or rod along the car isn't perpendicular with the axle. This is called dog tracking and requires a professional to look at it. Another issue could be the Steer box. There's an explanation on how to look at these and how a mechanic would do it but that could be what you're experiencing. Hope that helps!
  11. Thanks for this, can you send me a link to the classifieds?
  12. My names Eric Burkholz, owner at Window Tint Jackson. https://www.windowtintjackson.com/ we specialize in window tinting and auto wraps for vehicles. I am curious to know that difference of what people think of dyed, metallic, carbon and ceramic wraps, what are the difference and how do they effect the vehicles and customers. I know dyed is very basic and has less UV protection, metallic prevents cell service however has great protection on the glass from breakage, carbon and ceramic are similar but, I want to find out what others think of these differences and how they can effect the customer. Thanks, excited to learn more about this!
  13. How sad. There are no words to describe. This could be due to the power that machines have in their ability to create and at times even out perform us as individuals. As a business owner who has employees, I am concerned about my workers and their ability to maintain their jobs. We are trying to give them work, it does matter and they are so valuable to me as a site owner. We sell auto glass tints. These are valuable especially in a market with lots of people. However we have machines that do all of our designing and cutting for the tints, hopefully we don't have machines that can perform the installation process of the tints, but I feel for these individuals. If you are in Jackson Mississippi, and need a window tinted or need a wrap for your business. Let us know. we can help you get all of that done. https://www.windowtintjackson.com/
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