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  1. No nothing like that, no clunking or metal banging noises. Just the metal scraping or grinding only when moving slowly thats it.
  2. So I really have little to no knowledge on cars so if someone could help me out I'd appreciate it alot. I've been experiencing my 2009 Hyundai Sonata (150k miles) to be making loud screeching/grinding sometimes squeaking, noises while it's shifting in and out of low gears. At first I interpreted this as the brakes but it still makes the noise while not braking. It also shakes while driving a little bit. It sounds a bit as if the back left wheel is grinding. Though from what I've read I think it's a problem with the transmission? I'm a student and my commute adds up to around 110 miles a day, I'm afraid to continue to drive it but I can't miss class and I can't take it to a mechanic until all my testing for finals is over. Is it okay to drive? Also, if this is the transmission, is there a chance the problem could be somewhat minimal? It just started making this noise about a week ago. I'm afraid the entire transmission may need replacing and then I wont be able to afford it and have no car. So wondering if its a possibility the entire thing isnt shot and it could just be a small problem? Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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