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  1. Underestimated gusty side winds:
  2. 5th gen Mustang GT on the German Autobahn. Looks better than a 3 series Beamer, I would say.
  3. motoent

    New Mercedes CLS on German Autobahn

    All three generations compared
  4. And another one: BMW 525 acceleration test 0-130 mph on the German Autobahn
  5. The M8 Convertible is driving around in Germany (still camouflaged)
  6. Judge for yourself ...
  7. motoent

    Audi A7 or BMW 5

    Like Elite_Deforce said, the BMW 5 series is not the counterpart to the Audi A7, it's the counterpart to the Audi A6. The A7 is more akin to the (discontinued) BMW 6 series or at least the 5 series GT, but not the regular sedan or station wagon. Don't get me wrong, I drive a BMW 5 series and love it. I simply don't see it as an A7 alternative. Here is a video of a 5 series driving the German Autobahn
  8. motoent

    BMW M8

    Another spotting of a BMW M8 prototype, this time the Convertible:
  9. motoent

    BMW M8

    BMW M8 spy video on Munich Autobahn: