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  1. Hi, Jeep Patriot is AMAZING!! I have one myself and ts so affordable. From gas to the value of the vehicle 100% recommend
  2. yea it's crazy how fast that movement is growing here in the US!
  3. Yea the ones I know are in the Florida area and some in the US. There are Ameridrive, Flexdrive, Flexwheels, drive revolve, book by Cadillac... usually is for high-end cars but I know Ameridrive do economical cars as well...
  4. Yea, it's like a lease and a rental together. So you are able to have a car but without contracts or any attachments. The company will take care of the car, maintenance and some of them could even include insurance @Nate4x4
  5. Lately I've seen a growing community of car subscription consumers. Have any of you heard about this new car ownership model??
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