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  1. Engine coolant or antifreeze varies in different colors depending on the brand, type of chemicals used to prevent corrosion and when is the usual time to change. The best thing to do is to follow the recommendation of your trusted mechanic and to monitor it. If you notice some difference, inform your mechanic right away. However, if your still hesitant you can just ask your dealer to provide you a coolant/antifreeze with the same as the one you are currently using. Hope this helps!
  2. I think the price will depend on the coverage of the service they will provide. What you can do is to check other trusted car shop within your location about the price range and their service coverage. With regards to the car service recommendation for your mileage. You can check your car's timing belt/ balancer, water pump, suspension, drive belts, hose pipes, air filter, and clutch plate. However, It's still best to follow the recommendation of your trusted mechanic to avoid any problems that could ruin your car or risk your life. Hope this helps!
  3. If you have power steering like most cars nowadays, this could indicate the problem on the system. What you can do is to check the fluid reservoir is full, If not, try to fill it up. If you experience it again, check your car if there's fluid leakage. However, it's still recommended visiting your trusted car shop for possible repair. I usually do this to avoid any problems. Hope this helps!
  4. The most common reason why your engine is creating a ticking noise is due to bad reciprocating components, low amount of engine oil, rod knocking, fuel injectors firing, or the valves are not adjusted properly. I think its best to have it diagnosed for possible repair as you wouldn't want to experience car breakdown during your trip. It's always best to travel when your car is in its best condition. Hope this helps!
  5. Vibration on the steering wheel is caused by several things. The first thing you can check is your tires and wheels as to which unbalanced wheels can cause intense vibration. Uneven tire wears is also one of the reason. I suggest you visit your trusted car shop to have it diagnosed for possible repair. Hope this helps!
  6. This is great and very helpful to car owners as this will lessen their car expenses. However, I think its still best to only trust a mechanic or professionals who are more familiar with the process to avoid any problems. Thanks for sharing this and will surely share this to my colleague!
  7. Rainy Season is already starting which makes us car owners anxious on the road. I've been reading a lot of articles providing car tips during the rainy season that I find very helpful. One of which is the importance of car maintenance during heavy rain. As a car owner, I think car maintenance is important in any season. However, I think there's additional car maintenance we can do during the rainy season to ensure that our car is in top condition. Such car maintenance include checking of tires, brakes and lights. Is there any car maintenance you do during rainy seasons? It would be great if you could share your thoughts!
  8. This is a very interesting innovation. Nowadays, most of us are busy with a lot of tasks. Having this will surely help a lot of people from finishing an important task especially now that we take a lot of time on the road due to the heavy traffic conditions. We won't need to drive which will allow us to do other tasks while on the road. Thanks for sharing this!
  9. I think it's slightly broken. A broken engine shield doesn't mean that your engine is going to die. It also doesn't give a bad outcome to remove it. However, the shield will protect your engine from water and mud. I think its best to ask for your mechanic's recommendation to avoid worsening the problem. Hope this helps!
  10. I read an article a few months ago about car wash directly at your doorstep. This service is provided to car owners who don't have time to bring their car to a car shop for car wash. I find this really helpful especially that I won't need to go somewhere and just enjoy my day while my car is being pampered. Does any of you think this is a great idea? or does this have a disadvantage on our part? Your thoughts are highly appreciated.
  11. Another possible reason why your car is overheating is due to a broken water pump or a leak in the cooling system. You can check those part so that you can fix it or have it replaced. However, I think its best to bring your car to your trusted car shop to have it diagnosed for possible repair. Hope this helps!
  12. Thanks for this. Maintaining our car's interior in the best condition can be a little tricky and time-consuming. For me, I always make sure to clean my interior before parking my car in the garage. I make time to at least remove all the dirt and wipe some areas every day. Additionally, I visit my trusted car shop at least once every month so that my mechanic can clean every nook and cranny of my car. Doing this is really helpful to our car's condition. Hope this helps!
  13. As a car owner, it's one of our responsibilities to purchase car insurance as it will not just our car but also to the future expenses we might need to pay. In our country, we are required to purchase CTPL insurance before getting our car registered. Which I also find beneficial. Is this also regulated in some countries? And what are the car insurance you find important? Your thoughts are highly appreciated.
  14. Most of us already know the importance of car maintenance and its benefits to our car. However, we still encounter some hindrance of accomplishing it like the time and effort we will exert for us to attend our maintenance schedule. I've read several articles which introduce maintenance valet service in different countries. There's a similar service offered in my area which I find very useful. I once booked a service when I had scheduled maintenance during office hours. Through this, I was able to have my car maintained while I'm in the office. Did anyone book a similar service? Do you find it useful and how was your experience? It would be great if you could share your thoughts.
  15. Do You Find Roadside Assistance useful as a car owner? Like you would want to save their contact as they will be the first one you would call in terms of any car related trouble?
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