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  1. Thank you so much for the ideas to check. That is very helpful, if and when I get this figured out I'll update.
  2. Ok, so since I got this car, it has had a problem every once in a while where it would shut off immediately after starting. It would only happen when it was hot outside or when I had been driving a lot and the engine was hot. To be clear it would start up like normal and then die. Now, I just moved to the south, from the northwest, and it was doing that a bit more when I first got here, but now the problem has changed. Now except when the car is completely cold, it won't even start... it turns over but wont start. It works fine when I start it in the morning, but when I turn it off at a coffee shop it won't start at all. We were stuck at a gas station for almost two hours the other day until a bunch of people gave us a hand giving it a push start. The car is a 1987 Honda accord LXi. Any clue what it could be? Thanks in advance!
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