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  1. I’m interested in a RAV4 also, but my budget is only $6k or $7k so I’m looking for maybe an ‘08 or ‘09 with 100k miles on it, in black exterior color. I wonder if your friend knows anyone I can talk to about it? I’m in Oregon. ps did you make a decision on crosstrek vs RAV4? I was personally considering the crosstrek at one point but like the RAV4 better. Best of luck whatever you choose!
  2. Thank you I’ll look into that! How do they compare with RAV4 in terms of reliability, being long lasting, and cost of maintenance?
  3. Hi guys, circling back after a while not being on here. Thanks for all the replies! I think I’ll be able to stretch my budget to around $6k. Not sure how much that helps. still considering models. RAV4 is still on my list. I’m interested in 4wd or awd after all. Which model or specs RAV4 to look out for? Open to other model suvs. I want a black exterior color. Something which is reliable, relatively inexpensive to maintain, that will last a while without major issues. Thanks again for any additional insights and suggestions!
  4. Thanks nate, that is consistent with everything I’ve heard about Subarus. Everybody has one here in Oregon! I plan on going to the dealership and checking one out soon. I just have to figure out what year I can afford. Thanks again for the tip!
  5. Hi nate, thanks for the reply. I’m really not sure what year but I’d be open to suggestion. I can’t afford the most recent model so it would have to be at least a few years old. curious what makes you pick the cross trek over the crv for these purposes? thank you!
  6. Hi guys, I’m looking for a daily drive car that also gives me the option to drive cross country and in snow/ice should I want to. I don’t travel cross country all the time, but I want something that can handle weather conditions anyway. I’m thinking of the Honda CR-V or the Subaru Crosstrek. Which of these would you recommend? Thanks in advance!
  7. Awesome thanks for sending! They do look nice for sure. I’ll keep my eye out for any here in Oregon, and of course Rav4 I definitely will be looking around for too. Let me know what you end up getting. I think there should be lots of decent options in that range. Thanks again!
  8. Hey Nate, I was wondering if any of the Jeep models should be also taken into consideration alongside the rav 4? If so, any specific Jeep models, years etc?
  9. Hi Nate, thanks for the suggestions! I don’t need all wheel drive per se. The rav 4 seems like a great option but seems most in my price range have high mileage. I don’t mind around 115k miles or so, but 200k feels like too much. I will keep looking, hopefully I can find a decent rav 4 in my price range.
  10. Hi guys, I’m currently saving up to buy a used suv style car. I’m shooting to get to a modest $5k budget. What brands, models and years to look out for? What mileage? I just need something reliable that is relatively easy and reasonable to maintain. Don’t need any fancy bells or whistles. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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