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  1. bump if you are asking him for a opinion plz let me know by posting on this thread or adding me on discord
  2. Hi, I'm a friend of TheMakina twitch channel. Owner Bugra Akpinar has some knowledge about cars. He can detect any crash or fix usually by a picture. I was reading other members questions and wanted to help Bugra, so if you want to get someone's opinion about a car or should buy a specific car or not you can ask him with 100 bits on his Twitch channel. He will answer the questions in Turkish but I will translate it for you guys. He helped me with my new M3 questions. He told me that I could have fun with e92 but not with m4 or new m3. Which was really important for me and he detected local paint on that car too. If you can't reach on twitch you can reach me by alperen#4755 on discord or alpk.m3 on Instagram https://www.twitch.tv/themakina
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