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  1. I've been told that some cars such as BMW, are made with a delay when you press gas pedal and when the engine actually responds. But I feel like most cars I've driven has had some sort of delay. So my question is, has anyone used a throttle booster plug in? Did it work? They're suppose to re-map the drive-wire to improve the response time, from what I understand.. I've been watching video reviews on Sprint Boosters and other plug ins. Any opinions would help a lot!
  2. Having the name Mini Mania i'm assuming they specialized in exactly that - Mini
  3. Thanks for the quick reply! I'm looking at www.minimania.com right now. I'll check your that link out too.
  4. My grand father used to race old mini coopers, spridgets, etc.. We need some restoration and parts rebuilt (gearbox, engine). Does anyone know about any businesses that specialize in doing this for classic race cars?
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