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  1. Rubber bushing is mainly used in the position of automobile front and rear suspension and other frequent vibration. It plays a vital role in the whole vehicle NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness), and it will be invalid and will affect the whole vehicle noise and driving stability. The failure mode of rubber bushing is not only its own quality control, but also its working environment is one of the key factors affecting its life. Automobile suspension is a component that connects the frame (or body) with the axle (or direct and wheel). Its main functions are: D mitigates and inhibits vibration or shock caused by uneven pavement to ensure the car has good smoothness; 2 (2) rapidly attenuates the vibration of the body and axle (or wheel); 3 (3) transfer function in the wheel and frame (car) Various forces (vertical force, longitudinal force, transverse force) and moments (braking moment and reaction moment) between the body; 4) to ensure the necessary stability of the vehicle.
  2. Automotive engine bracket Automobile engine bracket is a safe and functional part of powertrain mounting system. It must satisfy the strength of automobile under various driving conditions and the restraint mode of mounting bracket has a great influence on the noise inside the vehicle. If the design is unreasonable, the natural frequency of the mounting bracket I is too low and in the range of engine operating speed, the mounting bracket will produce resonance, which will increase the noise inside the vehicle. Therefore, modal is one of the important design indexes of mounting bracket. Taking the four-cylinder engine of passenger car as an example, according to the resonance theory, it is required that the natural frequency of the engine mounting bracket should be greater than 500 Hz, and the lowest should be greater than 400 Hz. In fact, due to the limitation of the layout space, the above requirements can not be met. The first order natural frequency should be increased as much as possible. Feilong Jiangli,40 years specialize in engine bracket, through the optimization design and modal analysis of the suspension bracket practice, summed up to improve the modal method, to provide a theoretical basis for design.
  3. Abby Yuan

    CAR Rubber Parts Supplier

    CAR Rubber Parts Process manufacturing method 1.Molding and injection molding 2.Injection molding method 3.Plating molding method 4.Extrusion molding method Thanks for the help of the Chongqing Feilong Jiangli Auto Parts’ Technical dept. And welcome to share the idea with us.
  4. 1) avoid being cold and hot. Spark plugs are divided into 3 types: cold, medium and hot. General high compression ratio, high speed engine compression ratio, low speed engine should choose hot spark plug between the use of medium spark plug. In addition, spark plugs are also different according to the actual situation of the engine. For example, when the spark plug is used for a long time, the old engine is prone to carbon deposition and oil stain. Medium-sized spark plug should be used to improve the anti-oil stain ability of the spark plug. 2) avoid misdiagnosis. When replacing a new spark plug or suspecting a fault, stop running for a period of time and stop flameout. Remove and observe the color of the electrode. If the electrode is ablated or the skirt and insulator are burning white. It indicates that the spark plug type is overheated. If there is a black stripe between the electrode and the green body skirt, it indicates that it has leaked. If spark plugs are selected, the appropriate spark plugs should be installed too tightly. 3) avoid installation too tight. The spark base is installed with the required torque. The spark plug will be scrapped if the spark screw is slipped and the expansion groove is broken when the spark plug is installed by hand. But no loosening should be installed, otherwise the engine will not work properly.
  5. 1) After installing the burglar-proof device, it is difficult to start the non-hot car even if the net starts up three times or more, sometimes even if the battery is exhausted. It is found that the oil pressure can be maintained within a certain period of time after the normal oil pressure is extinguished. It is not a circuit problem, but it may be a circuit problem. Read the fault code, 14 or the ignition acknowledgement signal is out of order. The reason is that the ECM outputs a 4-angle-of-fire trigger signal "the terminal controls the ignitor but the IGF terminal does not send the ignition confirmation signal to the ECM." Inspection found that the ignition coil power line was broken, and installed burglar-proof control wire connected to the engine oil pressure indicator switch. In this way, when starting, the oil pressure low burglar breaker control line grounding, breaking off the breaker corrosion point caused the ignition coil power interruption igniter also can not send ignition confirmation signal, so the ECM order to stop fuel injection, become difficult to start the barrier. Remove the breaker of the stolen device and replace the original circuit. 2) a car is still normal due to its serious engine oil and idling. Inspection sub-inspection found that the cylinder head was removed to check the valve closure re-examination run to remove the cylinder head and oil pan, the cylinder liner, piston and valve assembly inspection to find that the fourth too thin engine work badly; high-speed fuel supply increased when the fourth method for cracks: adhesive bonding
  6. 1) engine suddenly flameout. Inspection and analysis found that the engine near the fourth cylinder block rupture further disassembly found that the air filter was immersed in water piston upper stagnant water fourth cylinder connecting rod fracture of the second cylinder serious deformation. After the water in the engine is sucked in from the air filter and then into the compressed stroke crankshaft, it reaches a certain position through the connecting rod belt. Because the shrinking piston of the water can not continue to ascend, the flywheel's huge inertia force forces the connecting rod and the piston to break under the action of the following pressure and will be destroyed. The engine can be cleaned at any time by overhauling the engine. It's not advisable to clean the water with water. Aluminum air conditioning radiators, engine water tanks and engine cylinders are now allowed to be washed directly with water when the temperature is still high, which will cause deformation and shorten their service life. Not only that, many cars do not catch fire after cleaning their engines, mainly because the ignition system is damp. This occurs in dry, ventilated places where the sun shines directly on the engine's high-pressure air to blow the damp parts. Take out plastic bags before washing and wrap up devices such as coils. Most special cleaning agents are used for cleaning engines. When some EFI engines are washed with water, the water will enter the cover plate of the engine unconsciously, which will lead to the phenomenon that it is not easy to start after cleaning. Even after hard starting, the connector of the fuel nozzle will corrode even though there is no time to connect the wire head and surface. Improper contact of the rusty road affects the engine and other faults such as rust on the spout connector, changes in circuit resistance, engine power, increased fuel consumption, and excessive exhaust emissions.
  7. 1) avoid scaling. Some people do not pay attention to the cleaning of the spark plug when spraying silver powder on the engine or other maintenance, resulting in the leakage of electricity due to the dirty appearance of the spark plug. Attention should be paid to descaling the spark plug. When removing dirt, it is not allowed to use sandpaper, metal sheets and so on. Instead, the spark plug should be immersed in gasoline and removed with a brush to ensure that the ceramic body of the spark plug is not damaged. 2)avoid burning. In reality, some people often use burning to remove carbon and grease from spark plug electrodes and skirts. This seemingly effective method is actually very harmful. Because the temperature is difficult to control when burning, it is easy to burn the skirt insulator, causing spark plug leakage, and the small cracks after burning are often difficult to find to eliminate a lot of trouble. The correct way to deal with the carbon and grease on the spark plug is to use a solution to clean the spark plug and soften it with alcohol or gasoline and then brush it clean. The spark plug is divided into low-speed engine should choose hot spark plug between the use of medium-sized spark plug. In addition, spark plugs are also different according to the actual situation of the engine. For example, when the engine is newer, the old engine with longer hot fire should be selected because of the performance degradation of spark plug prone to carbon deposition and oil stain should be selected medium or cold spark plug to improve the ability of fuel stain.
  8. The "state five" emission standard has been implemented for less than 3 years, and "state six" has been placed on the agenda. According to the plan, the "state six" standard will be divided into two stages: 6A and 6B. The first stage is from July 1, 2020, can not be sold, registered, licensed cars under emission standard 6A; the second stage is from July 1, 2023, can not be sold, registered, licensed cars under emission standard 6B. Currently in line with the "Sixth National" hybrid models are, Guangzhou Auto Acura CDX hybrid version, Dongfeng Honda CR-V hybrid, and Subaru Forest Man hybrid version of the existence of compliance with the Sixth National Standards.
  9. The purpose of the engine foot glue is to isolate the engine vibration from the cockpit and fix the engine foot and frame with rubber pads, so as to achieve a certain damping effect and make the engine work smoothly. Usually the engine is oxidized when the driving distance exceeds 50,000 kilometers or the driving time exceeds 5 years. The elastic corpse reduces the damping effect of the engine and can not effectively isolate the vibration of the engine from the frame so that the vehicle leaves the vehicle. Now the boom is loud, but it's fast or abnormal. Many toll collectors often overlook this problem, when the engine appears, think about it, first check the engine itself, but ignore the foot glue oxidation. Replacing the foot glue is not complicated, to the roadside general automobile repair shop can be replaced, the cost is only a few hundred dollars, you can solve the car engine abnormal sound idle jitters problem.
  10. maintenance and troubleshooting of automotive engines Maintenance of spark plugs Spark plug is one of the components with many faults in engine ignition system. If it is neglected or improper in the selection, use and maintenance of spark plug, its normal function will be affected. There are seven taboos for the use and maintenance of spark plugs. 1) avoid long-term unclean carbon deposition. When spark plug is used, its electrode and skirt insulator will produce carbon deposition, if not cleaned for a long time, it will accumulate more and more, eventually lead to electrode leakage and even can not jump fire. Therefore, it should be regularly (generally 3,000-5,000 km) to remove carbon deposits, do not wait for the spark plug not working before cleaning. 1) avoid long-term use. Spark plug has economic life, if it is still used beyond the economic life, it will not be conducive to the power and economy of the engine. The results show that with the prolongation of the service life of spark plug, the end face of the center electrode will change to circular arc shape and the side electrode will change to concave arc shape, which will increase the gap between the electrodes and make it difficult to discharge (that is, to produce sparks) and affect the normal operation of the engine.