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    Ideas for having wifi in car

    Ok, but when there is a phone call it will be no internet at all, it cant be in principle. An independent internet access point is required. Most likely to understand when people get near your car is better to use parking sensors.
  2. John Perchun

    Ideas for having wifi in car

    Yes, you can use a mobile phone as an access point to the Internet, and save money. But during the phone call, you will not have any internet. Given my work, I should always be online. Yes, I don’t really want to spend an extra $ 100, but personally, I had no choice. But now I can use the phone tablet or laptop now it does not matter. So think about this one
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  4. John Perchun

    Ideas for having wifi in car

    Hi Its easy fist step you need Android head unit and then you need 3g/4g modem Have a look it will help you http://smarty-trend.com/
  5. John Perchun

    I want to upgrade my car... HELP!

    Hello) No this car its not so bad... So i already both the head unit from that company and I am happy. everything is working Try to look here http://smarty-trend.com/44-subaru-android-car-dvd-units
  6. John Perchun

    Auto Comparison Tool/App for Android

    I use my car all the time and I can't imagine my trip without this app, here is a good review so have a look http://smarty-trend.com/blog/283_multifuel-application-overview.html