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  1. It isn't hard to replace, the issue I've ran into is finding one that's compatible with the existing configuration that the visor hooks to. To me it doesn't make sense for them too have too many different configurations, but I'm not finding that to be the case.
  2. Basically it lets you adjust how far out the visor goes. So say with the visor down, the sun is still visible off to the side, it can telescope put to block it. As I said, is a frivolous issue all things considered, but it would be nice if there was an easy fix.
  3. Recently got a new car, 2011 fiesta. Now my main issue is silly, but it's been aggravating me so hoping to find a fix. My sun visor doesn't telescope out. From what I can tell there isn't any real way of getting a replacement one that does. I've had poor experiences with those that attach externally, so don't want to go that route. Does anybody know of a way of finding one that does telescope?
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