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    Get a FREE Vehicle History Report | FREE VIN Check | FREE Plate Lookup

    Looking for FREE carfax reports? Free VIN number search? Try VinCheck.info!

    A VinCheck.info car report contains the following information:

    - Title Records
    - Junk and Salvage Records
    - Insurance Records
    - Thefts, Floods and Accidents
    - Sales, Market Values, and Ownership Cost.
    - Vehicle Specifications, like Mileage, Engine, Fuel Efficiency, and others.
    - Safety Ratings from NHTSA and IIHS
    - Warranties

    In addition, we also provide the following tools to serve used car buyers:

    1. Free VIN Decoder

    This tool provides the data written down upon or after the vehicle’s release from its manufacturing plant. This can be a good way to find the alterations that happened after the vehicle, including forged details and other parts that were installed post-production.

    2. Free VIN Number Check

    Imagine having a carfax VIN check but without no need to pay. This tool is like a Carfax VIN Check. It provides VIN-based reports that are constantly updated by VinCheck.info through its many sources whenever a new info arises.

    3. Free License Plate Lookup

    Aside from our VIN Number Lookups, we can also access vehicle data based on plate number using this tool. You can use this tool as an alternative if you don’t have the VIN. You can also use this to check if the VIN searched has been cloned by comparing its plate-based report to a VIN-based one.


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