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  1. Hello, My survey is not very successful....😟 To be more specific, although you don't perform compression test, I encourage you to complete the survey. There is a part designed for you. I need your opinion !! 😉 Many thanks ! Have a nice day.
  2. Dear all, I'm a technical trainer (Cars) and new on Carforums. I need your support to achieve a survey. This survey is being conducted by a student for an internship project (training design). The survey central objective is the first part of realistic assessment of activities and difficulties encountered during mechanical repairs or evaluation by individuals or professional. Questions in this first survey is about compression tests. Future research will be based on ignition system and finally about injection system. Please share this quick survey as much as possible with people who might be concerned with mechanical activities. Thanks a lot for your collaboration. 😉 I assure all the information provided is totally confidential, no email address required. Please, click on the link below : https://goo.gl/forms/cmTqYgZzhHTGMCUt2
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