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  1. Lol, not too common of a car, but It looks like a budget 240, which is why I like it
  2. Hey! I just bought my first car from a guy as is. Its a 2000 Chevy Astro AWD, Ive stripped the rear and got to work on dismantling it as it needs a full rebuild because it was written off as mechanical. I payed 475$ (cad) for it, knowing full well it would need alot of love, and thats fine, I don't mind spending money, I just have no clue what I should spend the money on. At the moment, I only have about 1000$, and thats for a new motor, but I don't know what to put in. I'm looking for an engine that's cheap, good for beginners too work on, one that will fit in my van, and give decent mpgs (better than the 15 id normally get), after that, It needs new suspension (I'm thinking bags), brakes, and basically everything. Only question I have, is what am I swapping it with? Its gonna be a road trip car, about a 70 hour (6,603km) trip. Any Ideas? Tl;Dr I need a cheap engine that will last at least 6603km of driving, probably more, thats easy to work on, and that will fit into a van with limited room.
  3. I'm DHack, new to the car forum scene. Just bought a used chevy astro which was writen off as mechanical, and was gonna ask around for tips, and what to do to "restore" it
  4. If you haven't found what it is yet, looks alot like a nissan 300zx
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