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  1. The car isn't with me at the moment but lets say the fuses turn out just fine. Anything beyond that for suggestions or advice?
  2. Awesome ill look into the fuse box. I read that part somewhere about the cigarette fuse but didnt believe it lol.
  3. Yeah, it says no communication.
  4. So my dad told me his scanner cant register with the computer. There is no connection with the computer
  5. There is no clicking either. You turn the key and nothing happens.
  6. I have a 2002 Dodge Durango that isn't cranking when I try to start. The original problem was the transmission would not shift after going 40 mph. After my father fixing the transmission he replaced it in the Durango and now the truck won't crank when trying to start. We don't know if the transmission is the issue or if while replacing the transmission we missed a step. His scanner tool also said there is no communication with the computer. Please give me all suggestions you may know of that we can try or consider. I haven't had a car for a few weeks now because of this.