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  1. Lgarretto

    Trying to find a sports sedan

    The genesis is an option, but one I am leery of. In my experience Hyundai don’t make good cars. And the Kia stinger is nice but way out of my price range. Like double in fact. As for the rest, none of those will really work. I need a back seat. I have a newborn. And just to let you know all civics are fwd
  2. Lgarretto

    Trying to find a sports sedan

    Well I see why some people enjoy them, but personally I find awd cars to have too much traction. To break traction you have to get dangerous. And fwd cars don’t behave correctly to me. Regardless of traction. Yeah you can swing the back end out on a fwd car, but it isn’t the same. Nor are turns the same. So I really just want to stick to rwd.
  3. Lgarretto

    Trying to find a sports sedan

    Oh and as for the charger, I considered one. But they are way out of my price range. I refuse to own a v6 version. And a rt new enough to have paddle shifters is like 25k at the cheapest. They don’t have a manual option
  4. Lgarretto

    Trying to find a sports sedan

    Yeah the rs is so cool, but way too overpriced. It isn’t worth 50k new even. Not in my opinion anyway. I haven’t really considered the genesis. I have heard the newer ones aren’t so bad, but I am a bit reluctant to buy a Hyundai because they used to be junk. But that isn’t a bad option to at least look into I hear they put a v8 in some too A first generation ctsv can be had for around 18 with 100k miles or so. But for that money and a little bit of searching and patience you can get an m3 with about the same miles. Although I’d probably say the ctsv would be more reliable. Too bad they don’t make a rwd version of the focus st. I know some people like it but personally I have never enjoyed a front wheel drive car
  5. Hi guys. I am trying to decide on a new car for myself. Maybe some of you have some suggestions. I live in oklahoma. I’ve had numerous cars in my life though I’m only 26. I’ve had some trucks, a supercharged rx8, and 4 mustangs. An 88 5.0, an 06 gt, a ‘14 gt, and a ‘17 ecoboost. But now I’m recently married and I have a child. I have a RAV4 I use as a daily, but I’d like to bequeath it to my wife and get myself something else. I am looking for something preferably with 4 doors and that’s rwd. Also I would really like a manual. An auto is ok so long as I can get paddle shifters. And I’d like to stay under $20k. My top choices at the moment are a CTS-V or maybe a 330i. I like the focus rs but they are way too expensive. The st would be nice except they are front wheel drive. All wheel drive isn’t really my thing so I don’t care much for the wrx or evo. So do y’all have any suggestions? thanks