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  1. An ordinary/commercial locksmith deals with security-related services for schools, offices, commercial buildings, etc. An auto/automotive locksmith is responsible for solving car key problems and saving you the trouble of relying on public transport. There’s also emergency, residential, and forensic locksmith. For an emergency locksmith, no matter what time, you can call and they will come to offer a solution. Most emergency locksmiths operate mobile units, so you don’t have to worry about how you will get the locksmith solution you need. Residential locksmiths deal with home security. They ensure your home has high security that can discourage burglars from attempting to rob you. Most of the time they are called in for lockout solutions, lock installation, broken door locks, duplication of keys, and extracting broken keys. A forensic locksmith uses their skills to assist in criminal investigations. They primarily work with law enforcement, helping to catch burglars who break into homes, cars, and offices. Hope this helped (;
  2. Hello and welcome! For the hind wheels I would recommend getting a rear wheel alignment inspection since you said it's the back passenger wheel. It insures the wheels are parallel with the vehicle centerline. Usually tires bent inwards are caused from damaged upper control arm, but it could also be a bent spindle. If alignment isn't the problem then have the vehicle suspension checked for damaged components.
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