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  1. Owntranger 77

    Rust repair estimate

    @MatthewPR and @Nate4x4 This product works great, it has three different applicators to reach any concealed area and the stuff creeps and seeps into every small crack. The company that makes it has been very popular in Europe where they don't trade their cars every 2 years like the US. One can will get most of the problem areas, 2 cans will get every spot you can find.
  2. Owntranger 77

    fixing frozen cars

  3. Owntranger 77

    Dealership scam?!?

    I have no idea how oil can even get into the brake system.... And even if there's oil in the brake system, it wouldn't cost $4500 to flush it...
  4. Owntranger 77

    Last Car Payment

    +1 Sounds douchey from the banks department. I would escalate this too and let them know its garbage
  5. Thanks for the info Nate. I probably should replace my battery anyhow...it's getting old.
  6. Owntranger 77

    Project car

    Project car...does this mean you're planning to insure it on the road?
  7. Owntranger 77

    BMW M8

    That's awesome...
  8. That's India for you....I guess...
  9. Owntranger 77

    14 Year-Old Car Enthusiast Holiday Gift

    E-BIke, Quad, Four-wheelers..that about it.
  10. Owntranger 77

    14 Year-Old Car Enthusiast Holiday Gift

    Lol, you can't do to much with $100 dollars.
  11. Owntranger 77

    New Member

    🏁 !Welcome to CarForums! 🏁
  12. Owntranger 77

    Steven lash San Diego- Looking for New Car

    2,750,000 and that's in Euro's