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  1. I have a ford focus 1.8 tdci 2008 and for some time it had a leaking injector and i still drove with it for around 2 months. The engine malfunction warning came on the dash, when the problem first occurred i had it looked at with a computer and i got a mass airflow sensor error and some sort of under powering turbo fault (which i initially thought was due to a faulty mass airflow sensor). the MAS was replaced from another scrap ford and it did nothing. lots of black smoke was coming out the exhaust, car was under powering (which i know is due to wrong air to fuel ratio) and soon after i repaired the problem and the injector is no longer leaking. However some black smoke is still coming out, not as much as before but still quite a bit, and the car is still under powering and the warning lights still comes on the dash. Does the engine light need resetting for it to register the fuel injector leak has been fixed or does it do that automatically? does this mean there’s another fault with the car that needs addressing? could me driving it with wrong fuel to air ratio cause the DPF to block up and cause loads of black smoke? any light on this issue would be massively appreciated, Thankyou.
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