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  1. Spray painted sections of my 2003 Toyota Matrix and as usual, spray paint mismatches with original paint. I'm told the sun fades the original paint somewhat. Is there some kind of product(polish?) anyone could recommend to help camouflage this. Old car, so obviously not looking for perfection, just don't want it to be so obvious.
  2. I need a passenger side replacement(used) for this, but not sure the official name of this. It's been referred to as a rocker panel, a rocker panel cover, rocker panel moulding, door moulding, etc. Can anyone help me. For a 2003 Toyota Matrix.
  3. 2003 Toyota Matrix. Items like my "rocker panels' and reader fender type strips are coming loose and sometimes fallen off. Can anyone suggest some way to keep them on nice and solid...strong adhesive/glue of some sort or some kind of easy gerryrigging to keep them in place?
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