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  1. Mky000005

    2002 sequoia chip?

    Ok thank you.
  2. I have a 2002 sequoia and a big empty Grassfield I wanted to try to do sort of a half donut like a drift I guess, in the field but my mechanic friend said the Sequoia would tip over and roll if I try to do that and my dad says there is no way it will roll because it weighs 6000 pounds, but it does have 10 1/2 inches of clearance so it’s not exactly low to the ground but will it roll if I turn the wheel all the way and Floor it??
  3. Can you tell the difference between 240 hp and 300 hp. I’m looking at putting a chip in my 2002 sequoia to put it from 240 hp to 300 hp, I’m not a car expert so I don’t know how much of a difference it will actually make
  4. Mky000005

    2002 sequoia chip?

    So if I put the chip in for an added 60 hp bringing my total horse power to 300 hp how much extra wear and tear will come to the engine? Should I expect a shorter life from the engine?
  5. Mky000005

    2002 sequoia chip?

    I don’t want the 2002 sequoia to just be a daily driver I want to do fun stuff with it like light off roading etc. and with 240 hp it is extremely sluggish especially compared to the new Sequoia with 380 hp but do you think the chip that adds 60 horse power will put more wear and tear on the engine? I’m not going to do any racing or anything with it I just want it to not be so slow
  6. Mky000005

    2002 sequoia chip?

    The 2002 and the 2014 sequoias both have 4WD and the optional towing package that includes some extra cooling stuff under the hood for the engine
  7. Mky000005

    2002 sequoia chip?

    Also it has 240,000 miles on it! The engine and transmission still run like the day we bought it, but how much longer do you think it will last? The engine has had vary little maintenance in the past 16 years
  8. My parents just got a 2014 Toyota Sequoia with massive 380 hp. They gave me the old 2002 Sequoia all it needed was shocks and struts which I have already replaced. But I never Realized that this big massive V-8 SUV (6200 pounds) only has 240 hp so I went online and found a reputable website that sells chips and they claim it can give my Sequoia 60 more horsepower so that would bring my total horsepower to 300 hp do you think that would be a noticeable difference from 240 hp ???