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  1. A few weeks ago..me and my dad recently installed new brake pads and rotors..on both sides of the front of the car. I notice rust on both rotors..towards the inner..closer to the hub. Is this normal? The right side has more rust than the left. Also there is a groove in the center of the rotors..both sides. Im not sure how deep they are..because im not too familiar with it. These are only a few weeks old and drilled rotors. Is this normal? Sorry ill try to get better pictures in the day time.
  2. Well...i spoke tooo soon. It turns out my back left tire is completely flat. It wasn't at the time so i didn't notice. I'l have to get that patched up. Not sure what i hit or ran over. First time getting a flat with my car. As for the other sound..not sure if it's my sway bars or something else? Small rattling over bumps.
  3. I'm gonna get it checked this Friday..just wanted some ideas on what it could be..i looked up a few things about wheel bearings?
  4. I got brand new tires..with only about 5000 miles on it. Ive changed the front brakes and rotors last week. I drove my car to work last morning and it didnt have the flat tire sound..but on the way to the store later that evening is when it appeared. I The longest my car has sat was about a week until yesterday.
  5. This is my first car..ive owned it for about 4 years now. I keep up with rgular maintenance and all that. Well up until this year..i finally started having problems. Maybe two months ago..i started hearing this knocking/rattling noise at the front of my car..not sure its left, right, or middle. It only happens when i hit a pot hole or a bump. Its not super loud..ive gotta turn down my music or ac to hear it. Turning doesn't seem to make it worse. I figured it was a problem with my suspension system..but i cant pinpoint it exactly. Now another problem started today..its a vibration/flat tire sound..i can feel it in the tire well where i have my feet..drivers side. Not sure if the two problems are related but i'd like someone elses opinion. Cars are actually still pretty new to me..i'm learning. Has anyone else had the same problems?