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  1. I have 96 camry, engine runs and sounds good but when I slow down to stop car feels like it is gonna stall because rpm goes to like 400-500 but returns to normal after I stop or slow down under 5 miles an hour ( I didn't test if rpms stays low on 10 mph or something like that it is just when you are slowing down to stop that happens and when stop it goes back to normal), also idk if it is relevant but when I let go off gas pedal my car kinda jerks jumps forward or it feels like that for a second, to prevent it i need to let go off gas like super slowly, and also car steering wheel just generally shakes when stopped, if you put the car on reverse the shake goes crazy, when you turn AC on shake goes like super crazy. My car has 238000 miles and auto transmission. Checked my transmission fluid it is full also not black.
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