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    Crosstrek vibrations

    Yea, brakes and routers. Vibration is heard and feel through peddle at about 60. If I gradually hit that speed usually nothing. I am not an auto enthusiast but was wondering if there is a vibration damping part that may have come loose. As stated don't feel anything with steering. Brakes don't seem to pull. Just get this noticible vibration, if I get vibration easing off acellerator goes away. Also will go away as speed increases at times. Can't tell if coming front drivers or passenger side, daughter thinks passenger.
  2. 2017 subaru crosstrek and have a vibration at speed felt through the peddle as well as hear. Does not seem to have any driving issue related other than the vibration. Have rebalanced and rotated tires. Have done an alignment. Tires are new, brakes are new. Any clues. Don't trust dealer as they have tried to rip me off twice now. Example at 6000 miles insisted I needed a complete front brake job at over 300 bucks. At 12k stated tires were bald. 2nd opinion was bull phucky.