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  1. Hey Guys, I've noticed that my Kia Sedona 04 is reading 0 rpms almost all the time. Which i thought might just be a fuse or something like that, but now I'm rather confused. As i reach about 40 mph my car has trouble making it past 45 mph, and my rpms jump to about 3 and seem to read fine for a moment, up until i hit around 50 mph when it no longer has trouble accelerating and the rpms begin to read 0 again. Any info would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance
  2. Today i purchased my second car, A Kia Sedona 2004 LX, and it seems to be in great condition from the last owner(besides missing a few things like rear door handles), he simply didn't want to put the time in, in order to fix it. After taking a look at the car, the only major issue to be found was that it would only start when connected to the jump box. When not connected to the box, all of the warning lights would come on and the car would turn but would not start, and being that i was able to drive the car home after jumping it, the alternator should be fine correct? Which also leads me to believe it should simply be that the battery is not holding charge? I simply don't know enough about cars to make a diagnosis and as a teenager, i don't have much money and don't want to make a purchase that may not fix the car. Thanks in advance <3
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