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  1. the one with tons of issues is year 1998 - accord again made in the uk swingon - i have tons of parts for these, they are produced from year 1993 till 1998 also rover 600 series all of them use same chasis and same petrol engines... so lots of spares at decent prices genuine brand new ones left from factory, i dont care about manufacturer i live in Europe but i need reliabitlity, and i know cars like that are very cheap, may be u can give me some propositions my budget will not be very high so i cannot get brand new car or 5-10 years old.. they cost a lot of money... ,ABS is a must, airbags and ac,and cruise as well. i drive manual only, so manual is a must too. i dont like autos too many issues and expensive maitenance... Keep in mind that prices and cars in Usa,Canada,and Europe are different for example accord like that with 150hp can cost between 1000-2000euro used. year 1998, in states they give them 4 free but they are made for Usa market different engines different options etcs...
  2. Hi great people, i am new to the forum here is my story in short, i have old honda accord from year 1993 european 4 doors, petrol/lpg 131 hp and very weak ac because of the model,and thats it, no abs,no airbag no cruise control nothing.....i drive this car for 9 years now. I drive in Capital in small country where i live, a lot of car traffic everyday lots of car accidents etcs... over period of 9 years i have change lots of things of my car,brakes several times,brake pads,disks,rotors, brake calipers,brake hoses, clutch,water pump timing belts, master clutch cylinder,slave cylinder ,master brake cylinder,servo,steering rack 4-5 times, springs,coils,shocks absorbers....cylinder head,gaskets etcs..lots of other things.... headlights ,starter,alternator, many other things which i dont remember, most of the parts i change with brand new original oem,i manage to get them at very decent price since car is close to 30 years old.. so i recently obtained same car, but with better engine 150hp and abs,airbag,cruise control,ac, - unfortunately, cruise doesnt work, ac radiator is broken and lots of other problems... now i am planning of selling it because it woll cost me more to fix these than the car it self.... , i am also in dillemma if i manage to sale this old car, i will probably after that sale my current one, i am thinking of money getting same powerful engine 150hp from abroad honda accord but with working extras and installing lpg again. Or should i stick with something new or should i keep my current car without options ,extraS? Here are the plus and minuses... My current car will have better taxes since its old and not that powerful, also insurance is little bit lower.... everything else is same, if i decide to make the transition to more powerfull 150, i must pay more taxes and more insurance... everything else is same like prices i can also use most of my brand new car,parts since i have tons of parts over the years for that car... with 150 i will receive few litres better fuel economy when i travel out of town... and extras like abs,airbag can save your life,cruise control is also a great thing because when i travel to far away town,city i will be using it :) few times a year i drive like 1000km for 1 day very long journey... approximately i drive around 15,000 km per year but it depends... sometimes little bit more... if i get newer car first my fuel economy will be much higher cuz i drive in lpg now, 2nd parts will cost more, to insuruce will cost me more, i will need also to buy extra insurance which cost more,oil and every part everything cost lots of more... Diesel parts are extremely expensive, cars cost more etcs, petrol consume more and cost more than lpg.... other option is electric but its too costly 4 me at the moment also extremely high insurance and problem with chargers.. any ideas will be great , my current desition is to try to sale my junky cars and get another honda,accord from 1998 with 150hp and full extras and to re use my parts if i need :) it must be serviced well with full history but i can change my mind.... so tell me what do u think people..
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