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  1. Looking Good! I really doubt the rust will reappear any time soon, but then again who I am to say. Other than that, everything looks in great shape.
  2. Welcome Bentham. Glad to have you apart of this community!
  3. Oh that's okay....just that guy above is going around copying everyone's posts. lol
  4. Oof, I'm late on this. Well that's good news, Matt. I'm really hoping that the rust will not return at all. If there's anything that will cause rust to reappear, it will more than likely be excessive winter driving (salt) and unpaved roads (stones). Looking forward to those pics!
  5. Glad to hear that your satisfied. But yeah. That's a heck of a long time to wait. They must be pretty busy working on other cars as well.
  6. Hello Abe - Welcome to CarForums and thanks for joining us.
  7. Must say, that is very impressive. Looks like a professional but expensive job. I had gotten the impression that they were just going to address the exact rust spots. It looks like they redid the whole rear. It's a gorgeous finish. Are you satisfied with the work job? Cause that's all that matters!
  8. Ugh, this indirect spam is really getting on my internal nerves 🤬
  9. The muffler's only job is to muffle the sound of the engine as it is amplified through the exhaust pipe. That said, you should be able to remove the muffler without any loss of power or major issues.
  10. Anyways....winter is coming to a close. Can't wait to be able to drive without that painful conscience at the back of my head telling me I'm exposing my steel to salt. How's the weather up there in CT?
  11. You are the best Carforms member by far...that I have met since the day I joined. lol You make me feel guilty with your ambitions. I would love to learn how to weld too, but I think I would be too scared.
  12. So if I got that right, the total costs in material and labor will come in at about $864 us dollars?
  13. Doubt you really want more information with that -SPAMMMMMMM- hiding in your quote.
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