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  1. Yeah, don't know what they have with the seats but I've always found them to be a bit uncomfortable too - especially for long distance driving. And that's with the newer Dodge (in general) seating options. Hope that improves soon. Very nice truck however, lookin sharp
  2. When it comes to getting your radiator fluid replaced, always have the system flushed. Rust and sediment collecting in the passage ways and hoses can build up and cause a plug. This could cause radiator leaks and make the engine overheat. Rust literally eats holes in the radiator.
  3. That's a lovely looking volt Chris. Don't tell me you were messing up that wall with graffiti...smh

    1. Chris V.

      Chris V.

      Nope, used that wall as a backdrop for the last decade for pictures of my cars, from my first BMW E38 in 2009 to my current Volt and Bolt.

    2. Nate4x4


      That's very cool! I think it goes really well for a background.

  4. Every car is different when it comes to emergency mechanisms of stopping, so it would be pretty unreliable to depend upon that as a way to stop the majority of vehicles. BMW is an advanced car brand and start/stop buttons have only been around for the past decade. Great vid, thanks for sharing.
  5. What parts are you looking to buy/swap?
  6. You mentioned that the error indications included the o2 and cat. It may be both. Obviously there is a problem with both. The severity however would have to be determined by a professional. Once both issues are addressed, the code won't show in red anymore. I would recommend working on the older part. It may just need to be replaced.
  7. I'm assuming it's the indication highlighted in red. That would be the issue. Obd readers have vehicle identification and I think there is a solving method for every detected error.
  8. Greetings Robertino! It's always great to hear so much passion. Enjoy the forums.👍
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