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  1. Check it!! Low Transmission Fluid Symptoms 1) Engagement is Delayed. With low transmission fluid in your vehicle, you will have a temporary delay after you move your gear stick to reverse or drive. ... 2) Trouble Shifting Gears. ... 3) Erratic or Difficult Shifts. ... 4) Gear Slippage. ... 5) Transmission Becomes Overheated. Again, if your vehicle has none of these problems it might be a totally different issue, for now I'm just trying to diagnose it. Bad Drive Shaft Symptoms Common signs include intense car vibrations and abnormal noises, like clunking, rattling, and scraping, coming from under the vehicle. Does your car rattle? Ethan, If I were you, I'd get my car checked by a trustworthy mechanic and then go from there. Never know...you just might even be able to fix it yourself! Regards, Nate (The Vehicle Reader)
  2. Nate4x4

    2002 sequoia chip?

    Hi again, Sorry for the late reply. To me the best thing to do in this situation would be to ask your manufacture (Toyota). They will have all the correct answers for your case. I am not completely sure that adding 60 hp to your car will not affect the engine, so I am unable to say. Regards, Nate
  3. Nate4x4

    Chevy cavalier tuning chip.

    Hi Peter, Yes, a performance chip will increase the horsepower and torque output. But don't be disappointed if you don't notice a significant increase in power. The change is not very detectable.
  4. Alright, so more than likely it's the transmission. A lower gear dysfunction. Have you by any chance checked the transmission fluid? May I ask what type of vehicle you are dealing with? Nate
  5. Hi Ethan, Welcome to the forum. The most common cause of vehicles wobbling and vibrating in a lower speed range is a bent wheel or mildly out of round tire. Though transmission or drive lines can cause this, the tires should be the first thing to have checked. Nate
  6. Nate4x4

    High Expensive Top 10 Bikes In India 2019

    I don't know why you posted this here. It has nothing to do with "General Car Discussions". If you want to talk about bikes? Here is your designated spot. https://www.bikeforums.net/ If you want to sell bikes...EBAY or Amazon is a more suiting place to go. Thank-you, Nate (The Vehicle Reader)
  7. Hi There, And welcome to the forum! Here are some nice looking vehicles that fit your quest. 1. Subaru Impreza Hatchback MSRP: $20,295 (Fuel Consumption) MPG: 27 city/36 hwy 2. Hyundai Veloster MSRP: $17,300 (Fuel Consumption) MPG: 28 city/40 hwy 3. BMW 1-Series MSRP: $31,200 for the 128i coupe (Fuel Consumption) MPG: 18city/28 hwy 4. Mini Cooper Countryman MSRP: $22,450 (Fuel Consumption) MPG: 29 city/37 hwy Cheers, Nate
  8. Nate4x4

    Stock fit guide?

    Hi there, The best thing to do in this situation would be to ask your manufacture (FORD). They will know what options you have and likely offer you the newest accommodation possible.
  9. Nate4x4

    Foggy mirror after starting wipers

    The damage is done, it's in the system, so unfortunately you'll just have to wait until it cleans itself up.
  10. Nate4x4

    Best muffler for chrysler 300 2.7

    Hi Stephen, Check out Borla Boomer Mufflers TM.
  11. RAM = Resembling A Master

  12. Nate4x4

    Should I buy this Kia Spectra5?

    That's awesome! Good choice. Do what you know is best...and go from there. Good luck!! 😉 Nate
  13. Nate4x4

    Should I buy this Kia Spectra5?

    Hello there... Thanks for such an awesome question. I will try to answer your inquires the best way I know how. It is a reasonable deal, assuming that there are no records of any accidents or malfunctions. Kia's are more like middle class cars. KIA has recently (2016-2018) hit world promotion for reliability, but as for the older models that they produced...it's not so guaranteed. Nevertheless, I'm certain it'll get you from plan A to plan B; whether it will last as long as a Toyota per-say...not likely. ASSURED!!! You're looking for a livable car with that amount. This is all that matters...that the vehicle accommodates you, and is satisfactory. It's all in the eyes of the beholder...I personally wouldn't look for something that small, but again if it fits your needs, that's what matters here! Nate's Insight: It's a nice car. Though for the price? Well, I wouldn't rush. I have seen much better deals. I'm a Toyota guy...them things are proven reliable. So I'm recommending Toyota. There not expensive like Honda, and parts are easy to find. Hope this helped, Regards Nate (The Vehicle Reader) {Location: ON, Canada}
  14. Nate4x4

    98 ford mustang Aux/Cig lighter

    One of the most common causes of cigarette lighter and 12v accessory socket problems is when a coin falls into the socket accidentally. This can cause the socket to short circuit, but it can also prevent accessory plugs from making contact. Nate.