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  1. Nate4x4

    Question about transmission

    (1) First and foremost, your engine's flex plate (basically a flywheel for an automatic) connects directly to a torque converter. The impeller is part of the torque converter housing, which is connected to the engine. It drives the turbine via viscous forces. The turbine is connected to the transmission input shaft. (2) If it disengaged every time you stopped it would eventually damage the transmission. It would be like shifting from neutral to drive manually every time you stopped. Instead of a clutch like a manual transmission has to make a direct connection, an automatic transmission has a torque converter that is a fluid coupling. (3) I don't understand this question...
  2. Nate4x4

    Car Repo

    Thanks, for the awesome post!
  3. Nate4x4

    Your mechanical activities

    I did it trippple times. 🥑
  4. Nate4x4

    The "List all your cars" thread

    Uhhhh....Did you even read the thread topic?!! ("The 'list all your cars" thread.) Your post has nothing to do with this thread. If your going to post, please type content that is in line with the topic. You aren't going to find more traffic to your site by just posting on a more common active viewed thread. It will help everyone (and yourself) if you would just create your own thread. And before you post, please....please read the topic. Thank-you, Nate
  5. Nate4x4

    Moving Forum - Starting A New Automotive Forum!

    This forum doesn't even exist. So how can it then be more active???
  6. Nate4x4

    02-04 Oldsmobile Bravada AWD

    Hi Jordan, Though I've never owned one myself, here are some consumer reports. https://www.edmunds.com/oldsmobile/bravada/2004/consumer-reviews/ Nate
  7. Nate4x4

    The "List all your cars" thread

    Can you start your own topic please.....thank-you.
  8. Thanks for the post, James. Welcome to the forum!
  9. No, it shouldn't be a problem. Transmission parts can wear after time though.
  10. Nate4x4


    I never heard of them.....
  11. Nate4x4

    2019 Kia Sportage test drive

    Oh that's fine. Was just curious, in the picture you seemed to be located somewhere in the back-country.
  12. Steps Clean the plastic. Take a clean, damp cloth and dip it into some warm, soapy water. ... Run a fingernail over the scratch to check its depth. Shallow scratches can often be buffed out. ... Apply toothpaste to a damp cloth. ... Wipe the cloth in a circular motion over the scratch. ... Clean and dry the area.