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  1. Hey guys! New to the page and have a question. (duh it's a forum) Anyway I'm heading into highschool (live in Oregon) and I've been dreaming about burnouts, dohnuts, and good ol' murican muscle. (btw all the burnouts and drag racing will be done in mexico/100% legally *wink*) before you read my stream of consciousness on this thread let me just say the topic. --cheap fun cars for a car enthusiast-- probably a beater, I don't care about reliability and I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty. Worst case part the car out and scrap it when it blows. I have a few things on the table. I have a steadyish "buisness" of fixing and selling dirt bikes and basically cornered the market where I live so I have a semi-flexible budget. Right now I have about 3k saved, but could hustle for more if need be. Currently I have a 95 f150 with the 351 Windsor which I will be modding (exhaust, air intake, maybe exhaust intake, etc.) But I want something more of a beater for fun. I have on my idea list a few things that really interest me. (For context I live in the country so lifted and 4wd and big v8s) Here's my list of cars I'm debating: Lifted Miata. These things look like fun and for 1-2k what's to go wrong Crown Victoria p71. Also cheap 1-2k and has the 4.6 V8. Can't make too much power with that and weighs a lot but it might be a good burnout machine. Maybe manual swap? Another truck. I like the 9th gen f150s so maybe another one but build out the engine? I'm not sure Something else?!? Tell me what you think I should get. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Even an engine swap is on the table, I have access to welding equipment and engine lifts/stands. And am currently helping a friend swap his international scout truck engine with a Chevy van so backyard swaps are a possibility. (though it has to be a pretty epic swap for me to commit to it lol) The goal of this thread is just to see what you're guys ideas are of cheap fun cars for a teenager getting his license. I also really like being different, or at least having a unique vehicle (in a good way) hence the lifted Miata. The crown Vic isn't as original but who doesn't want to look like an undercover cop. Appreciate all feedback! -OMV PS if this isn't the proper thread tell me I can take it down PPS this is being sent from the namibian dunes on my summer break. Just went quad riding on the dunes where they filmed the recent mad Max movie!
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