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  1. 2016 Yukon Denali XL - Build Sheet For Sale - $85,000 OBO Contact Scott Schroeder – 713-724-6151 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Twin Turbo Denali is filled with every bit of high performance for those days or running down the track or doing a little street racing. This truck is tuned so well you can drive it every day to work, then turn up the boost and destroy almost any super car you see. 1. LME 418 stroker motor severe duty – 1700hp 2. LME custom port injection intake 3. 16 ZR1 injectors 4. Armageddon twin turbo system 5. Custom Baer front and rear brakes 6. ALKY methanol spray system 7. Custom driveshaft (The Driveshaft Shop) 8. 1 7/8 headers with custom built 4” exhaust 9. 2 high flow fuel systems for port and direct injection 10. Century transmission 8 speed transmission 11. Custom built transmission HD cooler system 12. LMR labor for engine – turbo install 13. LMR labor for dual fuel system, custom hat 14. LMR labor for port injection 15. LMR labor for tune; ALKY spray 16. E-85 sensors, install, & re-tune 17. Circle D converter, double billets This Yukon Denali XL is also ready for the family. Complete with an entertainment system and 8 sets of headphones, tinted windows, dual A/C, heated/cooled seats, rear camera, lane change assist, adaptive cruise control, sunroof, AWD, and so much more! https://youtu.be/7iXGGI5ZI1c https://youtu.be/cYkGBi_3-no Fastest_Ever_Yukon_Denali_1080p.mp4
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