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  1. We've reached 5000 users now , and the app DB is updated with all new cars.
  2. thanks for all your support; now the app has reached around 200 users and going up.
  3. I am working on it. 3 car would be nice but it really needs a huge screen. any ideas to make 3 cars fit the screen ? how could that be optional ?
  4. Hi, I've just published an application for automobile comparison for mobile phones and tablets. It can also be used as an automobile catalog because it lists about 60 properties of 33.500 different cars. The application is at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aktuna.util.autocatalog There are 230+ car brands and 2300+ models. Along with the generations and engine selections a total of 33.500 different cars can be compared side by side on the application. It also shows a small picture of the car and when you click on the picture, it is expanded to a bigger one. There is also a great "sharing" function which exports the listing or the comparison as an image and then lets you share it via any Android application (mail, Facebook, chat etc.) Most important ! The application keeps its own database locally on your device so that you can reach it from anywhere even with no internet. Simply, no internet usage is required.
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