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  1. The most important things to me in a car is that it looks cool, and it is reliable and wont break down on me a lot. My max budget is 40k. I have looked at the Honda Accord, Mazda6, Acura TLX, Audi A3, and Mercedes CLA 250. I have also looked at getting Audi A5 and Mercedes C300 used. So far the CLA250 has been my favorite. The few things that are holding me back from buying is that the back seat is a bit too small, the A-Class is being released in 2019, and the 2019 CLA is coming out soon. Obviously I would rather have the car now, but I am willing to wait up til the end of this year if the wait would be worth. I was looking at some dealerships to see what discounts I could get now, and the best I have gotten so far is 15% MSRP. Is this a good enough deal to buy now? Should I wait for the 2019 models to come around? Or are there other cars that I should look into first? Thanks for any advice.