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  1. How likely is a student with no credit score at all to get a loan from a bad credit car loan provider? I am graduating in 3 months and will start working soon after that. Also please suggest me good cars that are budget friendly and offers good milage.
  2. Hi I am starting a discussion on Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell here. I am a fan of hydrogen fuel cell technology on vehicles especially hydrails. My question is ordinary people have advocated for electric cars for 20 years now. Where is the similar groundswell of fuel-cell advocates? Where do we find the consumer demand for hydrogen fuel cell cars?
  3. Hello I am a final year computer science degree student. I want to buy a new car for myself. I am 21 years old now. I have maintained an average GPA throughout. I also work part-time after college. I am looking for a basic model car for my daily transportation. So I am looking for a car loan provider who provides car loan for students. I came across this car loan provider called Hamilton Bad Credit Car Loans and they say they provide car loans for almost everyone. Has anyone tried them? I also want to know how their interest rate is. I want someone who provides loans at a low-interest rate.
  4. Hello. I'm Henry. I am planning to buy a new car for myself.
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