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  1. We too it to Pep Boys and they have pretty good reviews. All I want to know is if calipers have to be replaced in pairs. Only one is damaged. Do I really need to put one in one the other side too. That’s my only question.
  2. I realize that that’s a good rule to live by but being a female with limited knowledge about cars I don’t trust any mechanic not to try to gouge me. They could tell me anything and I would have no clue if they’re lying to me or not. That’s why I’m trying to do some research and ask questions from people without an agenda.
  3. My breaks on my 2015 Hyundai Elantra have seen their last days. Took it to a mechanic yesterday and was told that pads, rotors and calipers have to be replaced at the small price of $1200. They claimed that the rotors are $75 each and the calipers $320 each. According to them these need to be replaced on both sides even though only one side is damaged. They said that if you do only one side the other side will give out within months and cause more problems. Is this ttue? Or could I do one side now and the other in a few month? I don’t quite trust these guys so I wanted to verify it with someone else Is anyone knowledgeable about this! thanks!
  4. I don’t know much about cars but I have a few parts that I’m looking to sell and I have a few questions that I was hoping someone could help me with. 1. I have a battery that was only used for a year. Is there a market for something like that? If so how much should I ask? I don’t have the details here but it was in a 2002 Hyundai Elantra. 2. I’m looking to sell a strut that is new in the box. When I look it up online the price is about $50. However, I’m not sure if that’s for a single strut or for a pair. The guy who bought the strut I have bought two so I’m not sure if they are normally sold in pairs or separately. Anyone know? 3. I also have two new, never used Jeep rims that I’m trying to sell. One is in the box. The fact that there are only two has made them hard to sell. What would be a good place to turn to to get them sold? I’m thinking a business. Are there any businesses that buy stuff like this for cash? Craigslist and Letgo hasn’t worked. 4. Finally, what percentage of the retail cost of the new stuff would be fair to ask? If anyone can help me with these questions I would really appreciate it. Thanks.