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  1. Hello! I am a teen with a newfound interest in mechanics and cars. I wanted to be a pilot for my entire childhood and got accepted to several colleges for a flight degree but decided against it after seeing the cost ($32,000 dollars for one lab for one year, ended up with an estimated cost of over $200,000 for four years) and decided I would just do engineering. I then became extremely interested in cars, and I will be getting a car in a year or two. I wanted to know your opinion on some cars. I want to know what cars are "respected" by true car lovers. Cars that have quirks or interesting history that make them above average for people who really know cars. I've looked at several, including the mazda rx-7. Since this is a rotary engine, it will be more interesting than the average car, though most people wouldn't know it. The porsche boxster is another option because I could find one for cheap and customize it to make it special to me. Another example is the 350z because there are so many options for upgrades, though it doesn't have an amazing reputation. I don''t know if this makes sense but I want something that I can work on and upgrade to make my own, and respected amongst other car enthusiasts. Not necessarily something name-brand or flashy, but something a car lover would be able to connect with me on. Also it needs to be on the cheaper side. I'm gonna be a college student so obviously I don't have $60,000 to spend. Also, I have been considering the option of buying a salvage title or wrecked car and repairing it. I want to learn the ins and outs of a car, and what better way to make a connection with a car than to rebuild it. I've heard everything from "never buy a salvage title, you might repair it but it will be a money hole" to "Do it! You will appreciate the car so much more that way, and you will love it for years, even if it isn't the most reliable car." Let me know your opinions. Thanks so much guys!