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  1. Hey, first post here, I've been doing reading for a few days now and I've used calculators etc.. But after seeing a Z06 today with FATTIES on the back of it and seeing that the fender was f***ed from the tirehitting on a bump I figured I'd better join up and ask the more knowledgeable people of this forum for help. So the plan for my all stock 2006 GTP G6 was I wanted 18x8 rims running something like 235/45r18 with a 20 offset or 1" spacer up front, 2" or 1.5" in the back. After seeing that Vette I thought to myself I really wanna do this right and not mess up my whip so what do you guys think? What's the most "aggressive" looking wheels I can get for my stock suspension, I'm a no budge on that one, this isn't supposed to be an extremely long term car for myself. Give me good news boys!