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  1. So I followed some of the directions in this video -> https://youtu.be/k9TEDQV2T1Y I have 2 problems. 1. The Pioneer doesn't have a plug for SiriusXM like the stock radio does even though it says the radio SiriusXM Ready. Does that mean the stock radio has a SiriusXM tuner in it and the Pioneer doesn't? 2. The backup camera. There is no plug for this either on the back of the Pioneer. In the video, it looks like it's an older Rio than mine that didn't come with one. Should I accept the fact that my backup camera can not be connected to my radio? Any help is appreciated and thanks!
  2. When I did work on my 2004 Ford Taurus, I replaced the plugs and wires. Now, with my Kia Rio, I know I need to replace the plugs but do I replace the boosters or whatever it is that sits on top of the spark plugs and the wires?
  3. I rented a Windor Presto 3 from Home Depot. Put 2 gallons of water in the cleaning tank along with 4 cups of Folex Instant Carpet Spot Remover. I cleaned my front seats and spots of my back seats. My driver seat still has dark areas on it even though it feels like it is drying out. It's starting to look like I created more stains than I originally had and that concerns me. What should I do? Try to clean them again? Here's a link to my front seats.
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