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  1. davidwilliams

    2018 BMW X3 lease deal?

    I went browsing through a car dealership that was suggested to me by a friend and they really have a lot to offer so just sharing this to everyone https://dsrleasing.com
  2. davidwilliams

    Subaru crossteck 2018 or Honda Civic 2018

    Hi maybe some of you know about https://dsrleasing.com/car-listings/ do they have good deals?
  3. davidwilliams

    Is leasing Lexus CT200 a good deal

    Hey in case you live somewhere in CA would you know anything about https://dsrleasing.com? I am also planning to lease a car this year and would like to get feedback on their dealership thanks.
  4. davidwilliams

    New Member Introduction

    Hi everyone, my name is David and I am just new here. I am hoping to get some ideas and thoughts about leasing a car as I planned to do it soon.