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  1. Yes off course you have given very relevant and accurate information But is this Send Out Monthly E-newsletters with Helpful Material is that much necessary..?
  2. lahore

    How to find the used car is not painted?

    Take a complete walk around the vehicle and see if any of the panels appear to be a different colour than others. If, for example, a door had been repainted, it is not uncommon for that door to be a slightly different colour than its adjoining panels. The aftermarket paint process is different than that of the factory and oftentimes, that newly painted panel will fade slightly. The mix that the body shop made up from the paint code on the car can sometimes be slightly off when applied to the car. Be careful with plastic bumpers though, because the factory paint on a plastic bumper can appear slightly off from the same factory paint on a metal fender. In Fig.1 you can see that the front door of the silver car is slightly darker than the rear door.
  3. lahore

    Asian Cars Guide

    Soon i am going to move to the Pakistan and there is need to buy a new car so i searched for many website giving the information i need. I found https://driver.pk/ but the thing is prices are very high as compared here. So anyone would suggest my the perfect car according to the road conditions weather and environment
  4. lahore

    Jeep JL Accessories

    The prices are little high.. What you think..?
  5. Then could be please help that how could we have our car wiper clear all the time..? any suggestions..
  6. lahore

    Need help identifying this car

    Do you have any other picture of this car..?
  7. shipcar24 has perfect services then why you want to move..?
  8. thanks for all this
  9. lahore

    Need a new vehicle no clue what to choose

    nice information