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  1. Purchased or plan on purchasing a car on eBay and looking for a car shipping quote? It may be hard to choose right car shipping company, because there are so many options available. First option that usually pops-up is service offered through eBay called GigaMoves. Second option is to browse an internet and find car carrier or car shipping broker. What Is GigaMoves? It is network of auto transport brokers who will arrange car shipping for a vehicle for broker fee. Broker fee will vary depending on a company. Car Carrier VS Car Transport Broker? Car carrier is a company who owns trucks and transports cars for a broker. In order for the car carrier to legally operate on the load they must be licensed with FMCSA and insured. Broker is a person or licensed and insured with FMCSA company offering their car shipping services by hiring carriers. Broker’s job is arrange transportation and check on carrier’s license and insurance. So whom to choose? It all depends on person’s needs. Broker and carrier companies both can provide with exceptional experience. Who Is Cheaper and Better? Broker VS Carrier? In terms of pricing it all will depend on a company. Car shipping rate will depend a distance, route, season, fuel prices and on speed of the service. Carrier most likely will not offer customer service, since they have to manage drivers and plan their routes, but might give a better car shipping rate. Broker, on the other hand, will always have some customer service available. Rate but possible, that the car shipping companys are running their business as a broker and a carrier. ShipCar24 is one of them. We are offering both services in one – great car shipping rates and customer service. Free and instant car shipping quotes are available online at www.shipcar24.com
  2. Recently I've used shipcar24. The service was good and what's more important very quick and convenient. Maybe you know some other car transportation companies?
  3. I have recently came across the article https://blog.shipcar24.com/wondering-what-the-future-will-be-like-and-what-if-is-has-already-begun/ What do you think about it?
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