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  1. Kayla Morton, far lane, drove her Hot Mess Express Mustang to a win over Barry ‘the Godfather” Nicholson in Friday’s special Redemption No Prep exhibition at the NHRA SpringNationals.
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    Oil Pan Shootout! Engine Masters Preview Ep. 32

    In this Preview of Engine Masters Episode 32, Freiburger, Dulcich, and Steve Brulè investigate how much horsepower your oil is killing with each additional quart! Tune in to see how much is too much when every ounce of horsepower matters!
  3. 2018 Jaguar F-Pace SVR – FASTEST Jaguar SUV – The SUV EVERYONE BEEN WAITING FOR!! Let us know what you guys think below. Hope you guys enjoy!
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    Audi R8 Owner Thought His Car Was FASTER LOL!

    Aamir wanted to race his new Audi R8 V10 against my Mercedes E63S AMG . The results were honestly surprising…540hp R8 vs 603hp german sedan. You can watch video here: Audi R8 Owner Thought His Car Was FASTER LOL!